Suvaksen Matkailu offers:

Rabbit or fox hunting
Hunting time between 1.9. - 28.2. (rabbit) or 1.8.- 14.4.(fox)
Suitable for groups. 
Groupsize 1-6 persons.

Price 60 €/person (tax 24 % inc.)
Bookings 4 weeks upfront

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You can meet the wildlife straight at the cottage yard. Here's a young rabbit in July 2013.

Moose hunting with the dog
Hunting begins at the end of September and lasts until 31.12. or when all the permissions are used.
Two ways to hunt;
                      1. Shooting the moose to the dogs barking
                           *Only one person with the quide at the time

                      2. Staying in line with gun "in pace" with other hunters
                          while the quide goes after moose with the dog

Price 400 €/day/person (tax 24% inc.)
Bookings 2 months upfront
Calling moosemale to the sight
Possible in September at early morning or at twilight.
Price 35 €/person (tax 24% inc.)

Groupsize 1 - 4 persons

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