Our guests have an opportunity to fish at the lake Suvasvesi and Konttivesi or at the Kaitura pond. Ordinary fishing gears like two fishing rods and a fish-trap includes the rent. 
For spinning rod fishing one needs to have the national fishing licence (people between 18-64 years); 45 €/person/year or 15 €/person/7 days or 6 €/person/day.




We offer an opportunity to watch or participate in hunting at our own lands or at the local hunting fellowships rental lands.
We hunt for instance rabbits, foxes, beavers, raccoon dogs and waterbirds. Sometimes, rarely, you may end up eye to eye with badger but to hunt it down one must have a special dog with lot of courage and skill to succeed.
With local hunting society our guests have also a chance to participate in moose yacht.




The lake Suvasvesi offers the most magnificent views for boating also. The rowing boat is freely usable or with our guidance you can go around for example the nearest island Leppäsaari with the motorboat (the reefs aren't always been marked) and enjoy the scenic landscapes. We charge from that service 35 €/hour and from the petrol 16 €/h. The Heinävesi Route from Kuopio to Savonlinna and back goes behind that island with very narrowliningly and it offers the very best eastern-finnish traditional scenerys that there is. We give our customers a lift to the ship M/S Puijo and back to the cottage if necessary. See the ships sailing schedule and brochure here

Also the farm's surroundings and milieu offers generous opportunities to gather mushrooms and berries.